01 Mar 2018

On March 9th will be out ABATON, the new waited album of Kekko Fornarelli, Black Pearl of Italian jazz and artist that , with his unique and unmistakable style, has conquered, in last years, audience and critics  all over the world.
A very intensive work, out of the schemes. A visionary idea beyond the genres, beyond music, but that always trust at the intensive feelings of Kekko and  at the innate vocation to show it and comunicate it.
An incredibly personal and introspective release that with the brilliance of Kekko’s harmonic movement takes one to places that can touch your heart and set your hair on fire, often at the same time. A near-perfect balance of tension and freedom.
Fornarelli’s music has a pared-down yet catchy style that draws on his classical roots, with influences from pop to trip-hop to gospel, while remaining intimately linked at the typical expressive freedom of jazz.
ABATON is the first album of the newborn label ESKAPE, but is also the first product of a new aesthetic current of Italian  and international musical panorama: The New Crossover Jazz.